Sexergy® is a brand committed to serving those who cherish adventure, fitness, mental alertness, vitality, vibrant energy, and new challenges. We believe that a healthier lifestyle can bring improvements to both body and mind.

Body - love it and be good to it.
Research shows that an active lifestyle is a key factor to building muscle and burning fat. Sexergy® is dedicated to helping its customers stay active by seeking to provide products that will offer a convenient way to boost energy, improve your fitness results, and increase the rate which your body burns excess fat.

Mind - stimulate your mind with fun activities and learn to be happy.
A healthier body is reflected upon the mind. Not only will you feel sexier and more confident about yourself, but improved vitality and energy could also lead to a happier state of mind.

Passion - live to experience new challenges and exceed your own expectations.
Staying fit and in shape should not be a chore. In addition to what lies at the end of the journey, we believe that individuals who wish to lose weight, stay fit, or build muscle should enjoy the path to a better body. That is why Sexergy® products are dedicated to helping everyone this process by providing drinks, diet pills, supplements, and products which offer a source of energy and/or weight loss that are more effective and less painful than other alternatives.

The Sexergy® brand was originally conceived 2000, with the original trade mark filed in 2002 and registered in 2004. Since its early beginnings is beautiful sunny California Sexergy® has been evolving its merchandise and often works in close collaboration with related strategic partners, licensees, end users, and other stakeholders.